Designed just for kids aged 5-12 years, this Nickelodeon experience will be the event of the year where kids will #OWNTHEFOAM!

 Modelled off the highly successful and hugely popular 5k Foam Fest, this interactive, physically charged event will have kids challenging themselves to conquer the 10 Nickelodeon branded obstacles and take on the mayhem and madness in between, all across a 1K course. Every kid that finishes will be presented with a medal on the podium, all while being cheered along by their friends and family.

The Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest is an immersive experience with 10 Nickelodeon themed obstacles across a 1 kilometer course, designed specifically for kids ages 5-12. The 5K Foam Fest is a 5 kilometer obstacle course with over 22 obstacles geared towards kids (8 and up) and adults (without Nickelodeon themes).

You can take on the course however you like (running is optional). Walk it, Jog it, Run it, Sprint it, just experience it!

If you are feeling a little nervous about being able to complete an obstacle, no worries! Staff and volunteers are placed throughout the course and they are ready to leap into action and help you through an obstacle. Or, if you feel you shouldn’t do an obstacle for any reason, our staff will help you around it. All obstacles are optional.

The course can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete based on your age, ability and speed.

A parent/guardian or caregiver must accompany any kids participating in the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest course and be onsite to supervise throughout the day. No parents will be allowed inside the course. This is a kids only zone.

Please make sure you have your tickets ready to go on your digital device upon entry. You will also need to bring a valid ID.

While the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest course is designed just for kids we encourage you to follow along and snap your own pics and videos to capture as many memories as possible.

The Nickelodeon Foam Festival area is accessible. We have priority parking available for spectators/carers (signage required). The obstacles on the course may not be suitable for everyone, if you require assistance to participate in the event please contact us to discuss your support needs info@nickfoamfest.com.

Return to the home page and select your chosen date and location, and you will then be directed to raceroster.com

Yes! Closed toe footwear is a requirement if you wish to participate in the course.

Event day Overview

  • We will email you all the specific event day details closer to your event date including a parking map
  • Temperature checks and screening questionnaire upon arrival for all staff, volunteers, participants and spectators
  • You will check in with your parent or guardian at our Registration Tent
  • Once checked in, you can head over to the Start Line and participate in a warm up until your heat time
  • Head to the Start Line when you are ready to #OWNTHEFOAM at your scheduled time
  • Climb, slide, crawl and conquer the course
  • At the Finish Line you will be awarded your awesome Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest Medal
  • We will email you a link to the photos a few days after the event (after they have been sorted by bib# and name)

How to Stay Safe

Key tips on how to have a safe day

  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Follow Instructions shown on signage and provided by staff
  • Know your limits and remember if you ever feel unsafe place your arms in a cross above your head for help
  • First Aid is available on site
  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend. Temperature checks will be completed upon arrival to the event


The Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest is a rain or shine event. Unless we’ve contacted you to tell you otherwise, assume the event is on regardless of weather conditions.

If an event is cancelled you will have the option of deferring your participation until the reschedule date or receive a refund.

We have the Nick 1K Gear check tent available in our festival area where you can store your belongings for $5. We encourage you to leave valuables at home. All proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

We encourage all your family and friends to come along and support your Nickelodeon Foam Fest adventure. You can cheer on those who are running or check out the festival area (subject to capacity requirements – please check in closer to the event date for changes).

Yes, there is parking available on-site ($10/car). We will email you the parking map and information 1 week prior to your event date.

There will be food and beverages available for purchase in the festival zone.

  • A change of clothes
  • A towel to dry yourself off
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera/action cam to capture your FOAMY moments
  • Garbage bags for your car seats
  • A grown up (ensure you have someone onsite supervising you)
    • Grown Ups will need to bring ID


Your confirmation email is your ticket. You can simply show a copy on your phone or we can look you up by name/ID to check you in on event day. If you lose your email confirmation, you can also log into your ticketing account anytime to access your ticket(s) via raceroster.com.

You can edit your ticket information anytime by logging into raceroster.com

Generally, our wave times fill up quickly. For that reason, we suggest that if you want to run at a specific time, register early! If your wave time is full, but some of your team members have not signed up yet, we suggest switching your wave time to an open wave time that can accommodate all of your team members. See below on how to change your wave time.

You can edit your wave time by logging into raceroster.com

If you did not receive your registration confirmation you can login to your registration account to view it or save it to your phone. We do not require printed tickets – we can look you up by name/ID. Let’s help save the trees, please do not print your ticket.

You can edit your ticket information anytime by logging into raceroster.com


Photos from the event will be edited and uploaded as soon as possible. Typically, photos will be sorted and available for download within 3-4 days of the event. We will email you the link when it’s ready and post it on social media. Be sure to tag us #OWNTHEFOAM #NICKFOAMFEST

Pro Photo Tip: Wearing your bib on the front of your shirt is ideal so that we can capture as many epic pics of you as possible. You can access all published photos by clicking on the Photos menu at the top of this page and then search for your photos by bib # and/or wave time.

While you #OWNTHEFOAM on course you will be getting foamy, muddy, wet and colourful! We recommend wearing clothes that you are okay with getting somewhat messy! You can give your clothes a wash just like you normally would at home (however you may never be able to ‘wash’ those memories away).


Our main priority is to make sure our participants at the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest have a safe experience. Megaphone Events is working with each State and Territory to ensure the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest is compliant with the government framework for COVID safe events. 

We are taking a wide range of additional measures to ensure the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest is COVID safe for participants, spectators, volunteers and staff. These measures will be enforced based on State and/or Territory regulations at the time. Measures include but are not limited to: 

a) Following a COVID Safe Event Plan that has been approved by the relevant regulatory and health bodies in each State

b) Temperature checks on arrival (may be required in some locations and is subject to state or territory requirements)

c) Contactless registration (QR Code) and payment options 

d) Significantly reduced wave capacities 

e) Monitoring of total event attendance at any one time to ensure we are abiding by the maximum gathering requirements as stipulated by current restrictions in place 

f) Sanitisation of obstacles between waves (may be required in some locations and is subject to state or territory requirements)

g) Additional and more stringent cleaning schedules of communal areas 

h) Hand sanitiser stations throughout the event

We ask that all participants do their bit to ensure a safe event as well, this includes:

a) Ensuring their electronic waiver has been signed prior to arriving on the day

b) If you feel unwell, or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the event and contact medical professionals for further advice

c) Respecting the measures put in place on the day. This includes regular hand sanitising, maintaining physical distancing and following the instructions of our volunteer crew and staff should they request something of you that will help make the event as safe as possible for everyone

Our check-in process has been changed to a touchless digital system. Parents will be instructed to have the digital tickets (QR Code) on their phone and can be scanned into our registration system one family at a time. Health checks and well being questionnaires will be included in the registration process.

Megaphone Events will have a Covid Safety Manager onsite at all times during the event. The safety manager is responsible for enforcing the COVID Safe Event Plan and protocols in order to safely deliver the Nickelodeon 1K Foam Fest.